Friday, December 4, 2009

Hotsauce: Bottles

My roommate was insisting that I use beer bottles for selling my hotsauce. For some reason I was very resistant to this idea. After some more consideration I think perhaps he's right. It would certainly be good to start with. I've got a hand-held bottle capping machine which needs to be cleaned a bit, but new bottle caps can't be expensive, and I'm sure I could find a supply of recycled clear glass beer bottles.

I think the way I want to start things out (once I can sell things for real) is selling @ the cheese shop. I also want to try to get some small local eateries to keep it on the tables; maybe Penguin, maybe CBC. And I think I could do some sort of drop off service... hotsauce at your doorstep sounds pretty sweet.

Still need a name... and a label.. I'll get there... just need an epiphany.