Monday, August 17, 2009

Become Friends With Cheese

Facebook has progressed far beyond connecting college kids with new and old acquaintances, into one of the largest social and marketing networks in the world. Nowadays people can find their favorite local businesses and become fans and suggest that their friends do the same. In some cases it just gets the name of the shop out there, in others fans can receive updates on events, new products and even get exclusive discounts on merch and services.

Whether it's your favorite Pizzeria or Kitchen Supply Store or Bakery you can probably find it and friend it on Facebook.

The newest addition to this lineup? Cheese Shops. Across the country cheese shops are popping up on Facebook. And honestly, who doesn't love cheese? Whether it's Gouda, Gruyere, Petit Basque or Petit Billy almost everyone has at least one cheese they can't do without.

So I'm encouraging all of you to log onto Facebook, find your local Formaggerie, and Become Friends with Cheese.

Here's a few that I've found so far.

Boston Cheese Cellar
Boston, MA

The Cheese Shop (Wasik's)
Wellesley, MA

Newcastle Cheese Shop
Newcastle, CA

The Truffle Cheese Shop
Denver, CO

France 44 Cheese Shop
Minneapolis, MN

Old City Cheese Shop
Philadelphia, PA

Bedford Cheese Shop
Brooklyn, NY

Marion Street Cheese Market
Oak Park, IL

The Cheese Shop on Park
Winter Park, Florida

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