Sunday, August 23, 2009

Homemade Bacon - an inbetween update.

So... I made it.

In fact it's been over a year since I made it. Why didn't I post anything? I'm not sure. Up until recently I didn't have the motivation to post much of anything on this blog. Not that I didn't want to post things - I just wasn't in the mood to actually do it. But I'm trying to change that; at least write what I can - picture included or not. So I'll give you the rundown on the bacon I made last year.

I got two slabs of pork belly from Savenor's on Charles St. I ordered *pink* curing salt online. And I combined the two with kosher salt and for each slab a different flavoring. The first was going to be chipotle maple but I couldn't find chipotle powder. Instead I just used chili powder and maple syrup. The second slab was flavored with lots of black pepper and some liquid smoke seasoning - seeing as I don't actually own a smoker.

I double ziplock bagged each belly and let it sit for a week. Or was it two? Can't actually remember.

Afterwards I baked them in the oven for an hour or two (or more?) at a fairly low tempurature.

All of these processes were adapted from posts I had read on homemade bacon.

After the baking and then some frying... The results?

Pretty good. I didn't have any huge complaints except that they were a little too salty - didn't add enough sugar to balance I suppose. But it was certainly bacon so I was fairly proud.

I think I will try this again. Tweak things a bit. And I have learned my father possesses a smoker at his studio so maybe I'll bring them over there when it's time for the first cooking.

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AbbieBabble said...

I think you should make homemade bacon very soon. And invite me to try some. In exchange, I shall bake you a peach pie.